Why PCHIPC is the best program for County Government

Outside of a cooperative model, employers have two options to pay their health care claims; fully insure their employee medical plan or self-fund the plan.

When you fully insure your medical plan, you are paying a fixed premium to a carrier. The carrier uses that money to pay your claims and the carrier’s overhead costs. If a group spends less in claims than the carrier predicted, the carrier keeps that money. With the PCHIPC program, groups only pay for what they use. Any funds that are left over from the expected claim fund budget are returned to the member groups as a yearly surplus.

PCHIPC Membership Advantage

  • Long term financial stability
  • Maintain individual benefit autonomy
  • Members are only exposed to the very predictable claims layer
  • Full protection through Benecon’s unique self-funding model
  • Complete transparency in premium development and claim utilization
  • Control 100% of any claim fund surplus