Cost Containment

Cost Containment

Our Strategy

We begin with employee wellness, education, and the incentivization of healthy behaviors. We leverage Benecon Analytics to identify cost drivers and develop a strategic plan. Finally, we have developed an exclusive marketplace directory to tackle some of today’s most challenging cost drivers. There is no easy button when it comes to containing rising healthcare costs, but Benecon is committed to helping our partners and their customers to not only contain costs but thrive with an empowered and healthier workforce.

Benecon Analytics

Benecon Analytics provides self-insured employers with the ability to easily unlock the claims data on their health plan. Our platform consolidates your medical and pharmacy claims from your TPA/PBM and presents it back to you in an easy to understand format to unlock the details of how and where healthcare dollars are spent.

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Clinical Services

  • Patient Advocacy
  • Nurse Navigation
  • Nutrition Education
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Chronic Disease Management & Prevention

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Wellness Solutions

  • Evaluate your organization’s wellness needs
  • Develop a targeted approach to wellness
  • Enhance an existing wellness program
  • Increase employee engagement

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Wellness Platform & App

  • Included as part of ConnectCare3 benefit
  • Increase awareness of ConnectCare3’s clinical services
  • Engage employees with incentives & challenges
  • Improve employee health literacy

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